Lucy | Newborn

During Classic newborn sessions, there are a variety of unwrapped poses I like to try and achieve with babies if they are sleepy enough. We don’t always get through this entire series, because we always take our cues from baby, working at baby’s pace, and only doing the poses they are comfortable with. Sweet little Lucy was a complete rockstar for her session, and let me get through this entire set! Which pose(s) are your favorites?

Getting the Most Out of Your Milestone Session

I know what you’re thinking when you come to see me for your baby’s milestone session. At least, I have a pretty good idea…you’re hoping that all of the planets will align, and that your baby will be the happiest, smiliest, cutest version of him/herself, at least for the 30-45 minutes that comprise your session time. But I’ll be honest with you….more often than not, baby isn’t 100% thrilled with the photo shoot, and they didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to smile on cue and be camera-ready and adorable. BUT….there are some things that you can do to prepare for the session, so that things will go as smoothly as possible:

  1. Make sure baby is fed and well-rested! I know sometimes when scheduling appointments, it’s tempting to want to schedule when it works best with your timeline, but if that means interrupting or foregoing a nap, or postponing a feeding, that can spell disaster for a milestone session! Our time together will be much more productive if baby isn’t tired or hungry.

  2. Let me know if baby is sick! If baby wakes up with a cold, or even if he/she hasn't slept well due to teething or is just generally crabby the day of the session, please let me know—we can easily reschedule to a time when he/she is feeling better. Pushing through a session with a sick baby isn’t fun for anyone, especially the baby!

  3. Remember that the studio is a new experience for your baby! Even if your baby came to see me for their newborn session, or previous milestone sessions, they don’t remember me or my space, so it might take them a minute to warm up—and that’s ok! We will work at baby’s pace, without rushing them through the session.

  4. Don’t stress about outfits! I keep a studio closet of outfits in various sizes that coordinate perfectly with my prop collection, and styling is included at no extra charge with every milestone session.

  5. Don’t stress in general! I know it’s easy to find yourself worried about whether or not the baby will smile or be cooperative, but any stress you’re feeling can be communicated unintentionally to the baby. Remember: our goal is to capture authentic moments that represent who your baby is at this stage in his/her development. Whether we end up capturing smiles, serious or silly faces, or even a few tears, we will have captured the essence of who your baby is right now, and those images will be just as beautiful and meaningful to you as anything “perfect” we might hope to capture.

Zoey | Newborn

Sweet little Zoey….she came to see me after a long string of baby boys in my studio, so of course we had to do all of the girly things with her! And her sweet little smiles were just the icing on the cake. Here are just a handful of favorites from her session…. <3

Blakely | Six Month Milestone

One thing I LOVE about milestone sessions is capturing all of baby’s expressions! Their little personalities are really starting to emerge at this age, and it’s so fun capturing everything from smiles, to silly, to serious faces. The are all adorable….and they can make for a great game of “caption this” too ;)

Erika + Drew | Maternity

One of my favorite maternity sessions to date was with Erika + Drew, at Crockery Creek Natural Area. Everything came together perfectly for this session, from the gorgeous golden autumn light, to the obvious excitement these two had to meet their baby girl, to the way Erika just glowed….ALL the heart eyes for these two <3 <3 <3

The Wilkie Family | Maternity

Confession:  I always have such a hard time finding the right words to caption or blog maternity sessions.  I mean...what could I possibly say that would describe the joy, excitement, and anticipation of expecting a new little one?  How do I adequately convey the feelings of wonder--dreaming about what that little face will look like, and wondering whose features she will have? Or the anticipation of finally holding her?  How on earth do I describe that unique mixture of emotions--impatience for baby's arrival, but simultaneously wanting to freeze time and cherish these moments of expectation?

While words often fail me, my hope is that these images captured will convey all of that....and so very much more <3

Styled Studio Maternity | Jessica + Matt

When you live in Michigan, you deal with all four seasons...which is great!  Until it's winter, and it's 14 degrees out, with a wind chill of -2 and you have a maternity session to shoot.  I knew I needed a studio option that would be beautiful (and warm!), but not reminiscent of "hey.....I got these done at the mall....."

After having done some renovating in my small studio space, I was able to create a beautiful, light-filled space to offer as an option when the weather isn't great for being outdoors, or when clients just want a simple, timeless session to capture this amazing season of life.  Jessica and Matt were kind enough to come and model for me in my new space....and I couldn't have been happier with the results!